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My Feb “Fab” Beauty-saver package ÅkÅ GLAMBOX has arrived

My Feb “Fab” Beauty-saver package ÅkÅ GLAMBOX has arrived
20150223_211812_HDR 20150223_211459_HDR
I was anxiously waiting for the sms that shipment has made from GLAMBOX’s prompt service and it’s received and is my magic box.. What’s in it this time let’s explore..
20150223_211652_HDRNIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion:
Nivea Cocoa butter is the most safest skin moisturizer I have ever used, which nourishes and reduces dryness factor both at same time. It smells very pleasant compare to other cocoa butter products I have used.
Wow factor: the non-greasy feel and lasting softness to your skin.
20150223_211556_HDRJOYFUL by Escada:
I like those blackcurrant sorbet, melon and Mandarin notes with pink peony and dewy magnolia. It makes you feel confident very attentive and urban! It’s indeed a joyful bliss and it’s floral scents will gives positive vibes.
If you don’t like fruity and floral it might not be a hit for you but you will surely love it in summers.
NIVEA Sun Protect & Cooling Mist:
I love it’s ultra light texture and non-sticky feeling however I am still discovering if it’s as protective and efficient enough compare to my regular stick-to-forever sunscreen.
Mahi’sTip: I found it a very quick application when we visited last weekend with kids to pool and without them being pushy and mentioning “hurry mamma wanna go to pool” I was done covering them all over in no time 🙂
20150223_211525_HDRAMARGAN Oil:
It is rich in Vitamin E and Argan oil extracts along with essential fatty acids which takes away my frizz and repair those scratchy brittle hairs and prevent hair fall to great extent. After shampoo I pour few drops on my palm and put in damp hair from scalp to roots and it works well.
Mahi’sTip: Also it repairs the brittle nails too thought its for hair therapy but when i tried for nails it helps there too.
XTRA: (One of my fan asked me for dark circle as we are taking about Argan Oil this reminds me, I am extensively travelling and occupied and stressed and that’s the time when those puffy dark circles get me and what comes handy in those quick before-makeup hours, YES just few drops of argan oil is nothing less than a magic potion for those bright eyes. It is readily available in small puff or tiny bottle in pharmacies labelled as Argan Oil you can use them with no fear.)
GlamGals – Matte Lip Gloss:
The very glam lip gloss and that as well in my favorite color, I am yet liking the effect and polish of this shiny gloss although I am very picky to my choice of gloss and don’t experiment much.
All in all each product in this month’s glambox is so practical and recommended.
Stay Beautiful and Love yourself 😉
xoxo, Mahi.

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The FaceShop “Natural Story”- November Glambox Arrived 

The FaceShop “Natural Story”- November Glambox Arrived 




I am a true natural ingredients fan and Glambox can’t be any better for me than this, customized by Face Shop products it has genuinely brought this true natural story to my daily beauty regime. I swear by aloevera it’s one ingredients I saw my grandmother using it since I was so small and is recommended by my mom always as a true skin moisturizing element, so I can’t wait to use the real natural mast Aloe from my glambox this month.

DSC_0642There is no better care for the lips than natural colors and therapy that’s why Mango seed lip care gives that true redness to your lips and “pomy” shine due to natural ingredient pomegranate. It’s already been hogged by my little princess and goes to her kitty bag for winter special care.

The 3 steps real whitening system is indeed a great package, promising by its white seed complex and vitamin C along with brightening ingredients it leaves your skin milky white, my only concern is the dryness factor after constant use of it, but to help that the toner and essence is a great support, I wish I will get the desired results in few weeks time.

The Eco-friendly, Natural SunEco Sample Kit is so handy at this shift over in weather in UAE, where I wanna enjoy the sun while not hiding out my face, you must try their complete range as this campaign will help supporting the protection of our environment and the portion of the sales proceeds will go to Environmental Organization.

Last is the oh-so-fruity berry mix hand cream, I just can’t stop smell-tang my hands for over15  minutes after putting this magical application on my hands. It leaves the hands and cuticles smooth.

By Glamourous !



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