Iftar Review @ Channels-Media Rotana + #WIN Iftar Buffet Voucher for 2!

30 Jun
Iftar Review @ Channels-Media Rotana + #WIN Iftar Buffet Voucher for 2!


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 In our culture The Iftar meal is a significant solitary and is commonly shared with family and friends. In the UAE many restaurants have Iftar buffets that are fine worth for currency and also serve in getting friends and family together. It’s indeed a great platform for even non-Muslims and other culture / nationalities/ religion people and expats to understand the spirit of the holy month and enjoy a feast together along with their Muslim brothers and sisters. Last night I went to sample one of the finest and by far the most huge Iftar buffets at Channels in Media Rotana Dubai. As per the rising standards, hotel puts on a well sorted and well-balanced iftar menu. The menu keep rotating each day and offers delicacies from around the world reflecting all the delicious cuisines however oriental cuisine is in abundance being it’s major influence and strikes great taste up to perfection.


The Iftar buffet consists of a variety Juices, Fruits and Nuts. Rose Water, Kamardine, Laban Eyran, Tamerhindi, Gellab my favourites. I didn’t mind shamelessly standing twice in the queue behind the kids just making sure to fetch 2/3 glass of Gellab as good as it was!

DSC_0562 DSC_0561

Apricot, Prunes, Figs, Raisins, Walnuts, Almond, Pistachio, Hazelnuts along with variety of Dates were displayed to break your fast.

It was a colorful, elegant set up at Channels, while all of the food is top quality. The buffet is held in the centre of the hotel and is well decorated according to Ramadan theme. The buffet is divided into different sections after the dates and juices section. Selection of Arabic & Continental Cheeses was superb, kashkwal ,baladi, moushalala were at par I can’t decide which one is more better. The most stand out feature is the items sorting in Hot and cold mezzeh keeping the best of it’s selection they were committed to their true definition and attention. Batorosh eggplant, Rocca Salad were my fav in cold & chiken kebbeh, Spring Roll, cheese rakakat in hot side. Seafood On Ice was a great concept to oomph the International array with Mussels, King Crab & Prawns sitting on frozen slab, also to compliment assorted sushi was there and the-oh-very-huge International salad spread. Asian Chicken salad, Egg and beef pastrami salad with gherkins and pasta Salad with Tuna and Olives were delicious.


Fried Fish was very crispy and tender at the same time Chicken Fajitas with Condiments is so yummy , Lyonnais Potato taste much desi and is a treat to find in that menu.

Live cooking stations were so prompt be it for Chicken Shawarma, Ouzie, with yogurt and daquoise sauce or Chickpeas fatteh.

We were thoroughly impressed by the well greeted gesture of whole restaurant team along with their Restaurant Manager, Maurice who has been so interactive and reaches out to guests table with his kind gesture to ask if they are keeping well and enjoying their iftar, we have even observed the Chef been so active on Live counters and reaching out to nearby guests providing the freshly prepared Ouzi and we did take few minutes to chat and ask few question to Oriental Chef Ali Siblini from Lebanon and has been connected and serving the same group for a long time now.

With attentive service and very nice furnishings, there’s great sense of quality food at decent buffer at Media Rotana. It just serves best Oriental dishes with International items in their Iftar Buffet.

DSC_0573 DSC_0556

How’s is Ramadan turn up for people in the region for such buffet?

Oh its immense its crowded, they love sharing the spirit of Ramadan and having Iftar with family and friends, you will stand in long queues over the buffet.

Is the menu remain same throughout Ramadan?

No, it’s changed everyday ! you won’t find the same dish for eight days, that counter over there for salad will be thoroughly different next day, we keep a rotation and very keenly select a menu to cater the needs and likeness of the customers and wish to produce the quality menu so they can enjoy their Iftar as much myself and like preparing for them.


Let’s talk about Iftar Menu features?

We have live cooking, we also have arrangements for the banquets and we have regular functions there. Ramadan is the month for Oriental and that is the best feature we want to present here.

How about the readiness and likeness of oriental food to other nationalities and particularly for the customers you have in this specific month?

True, we have mix nationalities and as you can witness lots of European and non-arab Expats here who actually love to spend time and having iftar meals with their Muslim friends and equally enjoy this cuisine, as it’s not very spicy but rich in taste in flavors they all love it even its different taste as they are keen to witness the Arab hospitality.

Do you find this kind of cooking difficult than Mediterranean?

Well Oriental cooking is not so easy , however I love cooking I enjoy specialty dishes too. Oriental cuisine is always a challenge but as you see we have a touch of even Mediterranean dishes along with pure local , Jordanian , Syrian, Italian and Lebanese dishes. So I believe this is the selection which makes our buffet a success.

You biggest challenge in Ramadan buffet?

It’s the crowd and we take in pride in providing them with most alert service we can. Ramadan Iftar timings are firm , we have to be on our toes literally to re-filling the dishes and at Live station well equipped and rapid with the deliveries as it’s almost an hour in which the consumption peak is there. We have whole team of back kitchen preparing mix grill while you are enjoying the food and for Sajj at live station is non-stop! It’s the time versus perfection and we are committed to deliver quality with promptness.

What is the biggest strength of Oriental Cuisine?

Spices and Flavors, the combination of Hot and Cold Mezzeh, their preparation to its excellence.

Any Ramadan Cook & Eat tip you want to share with my readers?

I like cooking and eating and wish to keep balance. You have to know what you eat and how you eat !



Mahi Blog and Media Rotana have teamed up to offer Mahi Blog readers “Iftar Buffet Voucher for 2 at Channels – Media Rotana

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The details

Channels – Media Rotana

Price – AED 175* per person

Contact – To Book a table call +971 (4) 4350201

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Website –

Disclaimer & Notes: A huge Thank you to Media Rotana Management, Sahil Gour, our host Marketing team and Hotel Staff at ChannelsWe were guests there however it did not influence our thoughts and reviews, all opinions content are our own. You can not use any pics without prior permission.


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      Great Review ! .. I love your pictures and specially the way you have so clearly pictured the spread at iftar…

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    My Favourite : CHANNELS

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    Best restaurant is CHANNELS



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    Channels 🙂


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    Channels (yummm) ❤


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    Prego’s 🙂


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