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WINNERS :) Mughal Dynasty and Flavorsome Cuisine – Visiting India Palace + Competition (3 WINNERS)

WINNERS :) Mughal Dynasty and Flavorsome Cuisine – Visiting India Palace + Competition (3 WINNERS)

Congratulations, And the winners are:




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kk1 kk3

India Palace is not at all a new restaurant but as I keep a rolling list of new spots and try to vary according to cuisine, location and reader requests, I decided to review their yet the latest branch in Abudhabi i.e Dalma Mall. The place is also inviting, beautifully convoluted with red and green colored glass pieces and woodcarvings, the mughal darbaris/guards statues standing at the entrance and the wooden chambers cast their patterns from upper limit to flooring.


DSC_0132 DSC_0343

There is also a small kiosk of inexpensive Indian Jewellery and souvenirs which surely has kept me engaged while my hubby waited. The most interesting part is they crafted the wax bangles on spot, yes my little girl has bought the handmade bangle. They are also selling inexpensive trinkets and souvenirs and bling items, you may wear them and dine in like royals in the Palace. Restaurant staff is so humble and well aware yet so prompt in suggesting to make your choices easier, they look very welcoming in their royal Indian Avatar and will surely greet you with smile and courtesy. I must say it is one of those few Indian Restaurants where you can find majesty & yet so economical on your pocket, hefty space & serene setting at the same time.

 DSC_0332 DSC_0118

DSC_0158 DSC_0123

Lets now talk about the main thing, Food.


I loved the dishes we tasted, it included:

DSC_0288 DSC_0250

DSC_0311 DSC_0228 DSC_0253 DSC_0193

BBQ platter which stands out the most in taste and I would surely recommend it, Jhinga (Prawns) was my favorite in the platters. Kebabs and chicken pieces were so tender and yet so full on taste and very well marinated. It came to table moist yet with tandoori crisp, sheathed in Onion rings, yoghurt and Green Chutni. The sizzler sound coming out from the platter just drifted about my senses with the amazing smoky magic of charcoal that is nowhere to be seen as adequate and flavorsome.

DSC_0290 DSC_0329 DSC_0315 DSC_0291

Rogan Josh & Butter Chicken: Since I am not a great fan of Rogan Josh I was not keen on having it however I must admit it is something which tastes dissimilar than usual onion-tomato salan/gravy served in different Indian Restaurant under same label. Butter Chicken wins the choice award with its soft and creamy texture and best blend with Romali roti.


DSC_0148 DSC_0294

Biryani: Oh so delicious and my 2nd favorite in the menu, When I peek under the dough cover, an intense aroma turns my sensory taps on to a full gushing speed. The savory smell of chicken blends with the urban gulp of air of Indian spices.

DSC_0357 DSC_0360

I love the use of original spices in cooking and am sometimes thwarted when the spice level is bargained, luckily at Indian Palace the Chef was so confident to utilize spices authentically and mentioned to us that he tried to keep spice levels true to the dish rather than to temper them along for the sake of accurate savor. All in all the menu is each speck as refined and packed with Indian close-to-heart dishes. You must try their Mango Lassi, it’s delicious. I should also mention that the cocktail menu looks pretty fancy & innovative. This was the best value meal indeed with a freshly made romali/butter/naan rotis (Indian bread).

DSC_0319 DSC_0323

For desserts I opted for gulab jaman and rasmalai, Gulab Jaman was so tasty that I can have again and again each time I visit them. I wish to give genuine feedback in terms of presentation, taste etc. hence I will share something I noticed at India Palace which is yet so unique and a good practice. Color-wise I found their biryani and butter paneer not too bright and dark when I enquire into, I was impressed to know that they don’t use artificial coloring at all and have very strict practices for it. I believe one must get to engage with the staff to the level that we did to clarify so many perceptions about food DSC_0212

DSC_0245 kk2 I may sound influenced as I am but all in all India Palace restaurants are no less than a satisfying and reliable option compare to lots of other Indian cuisines. For me, its on my list of places to return, with a famished tummy and with my IPhone and start diggin and clickin.

Special Thanks to Mr. Prashob, Mr. Sateesh, Chef Amit & Chef Javed & to ever smiling Staff of India Palace.

INDIA PALACE GIVEAWAY / CONTEST : We have 3 VOUCHERS worth AED 150 and we will announce 3 winners.


How to win: 1- Subscribe (via email id) on and comment below “Done”. 2- Share Mahi Blog & this post on as many social widgets, Like, Follow, Share & Tag friends on following: FB: Twitter: Instagram: 3- Like & write on their wall “Mahi Blog has sent me here” (tag Mahiblog using @) To win you must do all the above steps. Winners will be announced on March 12th, 2015. The more you share Mahi Blog on social widgets and this post, better the chance to win! All UAE fans can take part.

Scrumptiously yours, Mahi.

Disclaimer : MB team were guests at India Palace, however all feedback and observations are our hold as are the photographs above which were taken on the day of my trip.

India Palace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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My Feb “Fab” Beauty-saver package ÅkÅ GLAMBOX has arrived

My Feb “Fab” Beauty-saver package ÅkÅ GLAMBOX has arrived.


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My Feb “Fab” Beauty-saver package ÅkÅ GLAMBOX has arrived

My Feb “Fab” Beauty-saver package ÅkÅ GLAMBOX has arrived
20150223_211812_HDR 20150223_211459_HDR
I was anxiously waiting for the sms that shipment has made from GLAMBOX’s prompt service and it’s received and is my magic box.. What’s in it this time let’s explore..
20150223_211652_HDRNIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion:
Nivea Cocoa butter is the most safest skin moisturizer I have ever used, which nourishes and reduces dryness factor both at same time. It smells very pleasant compare to other cocoa butter products I have used.
Wow factor: the non-greasy feel and lasting softness to your skin.
20150223_211556_HDRJOYFUL by Escada:
I like those blackcurrant sorbet, melon and Mandarin notes with pink peony and dewy magnolia. It makes you feel confident very attentive and urban! It’s indeed a joyful bliss and it’s floral scents will gives positive vibes.
If you don’t like fruity and floral it might not be a hit for you but you will surely love it in summers.
NIVEA Sun Protect & Cooling Mist:
I love it’s ultra light texture and non-sticky feeling however I am still discovering if it’s as protective and efficient enough compare to my regular stick-to-forever sunscreen.
Mahi’sTip: I found it a very quick application when we visited last weekend with kids to pool and without them being pushy and mentioning “hurry mamma wanna go to pool” I was done covering them all over in no time 🙂
20150223_211525_HDRAMARGAN Oil:
It is rich in Vitamin E and Argan oil extracts along with essential fatty acids which takes away my frizz and repair those scratchy brittle hairs and prevent hair fall to great extent. After shampoo I pour few drops on my palm and put in damp hair from scalp to roots and it works well.
Mahi’sTip: Also it repairs the brittle nails too thought its for hair therapy but when i tried for nails it helps there too.
XTRA: (One of my fan asked me for dark circle as we are taking about Argan Oil this reminds me, I am extensively travelling and occupied and stressed and that’s the time when those puffy dark circles get me and what comes handy in those quick before-makeup hours, YES just few drops of argan oil is nothing less than a magic potion for those bright eyes. It is readily available in small puff or tiny bottle in pharmacies labelled as Argan Oil you can use them with no fear.)
GlamGals – Matte Lip Gloss:
The very glam lip gloss and that as well in my favorite color, I am yet liking the effect and polish of this shiny gloss although I am very picky to my choice of gloss and don’t experiment much.
All in all each product in this month’s glambox is so practical and recommended.
Stay Beautiful and Love yourself 😉
xoxo, Mahi.

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WINNERS :) Burger Bureau Giveaway-3 Winners Vouchers (200 Dhs Each)

WINNERS :) Burger Bureau Giveaway-3 Winners Vouchers (200 Dhs Each)

Congratulations, And the winners are:

1) VIJITHA ARULNAYAGAM – Thanks for sharing a lot

2) ABIZAR NULWALA – Random pick/Draw

3) NAEEMAHMED FATIWALA – Random pick/Draw

Please send us your full name and contact details on


It is always lovely to return to your favorite burger place especially if you are meat lover you can’t deny the fact that this local burger brand is a great hit amongst UAE residents and is ensuring to provide the best fixture and remedies to Burger Cases.


It’s on a mission, it’s a drive and all in quest of best burgers, yes we once again visited Burger Bureau, but in a new location at Reem Island also featuring a cafe, they were generous enough not only to invite us but also offer us great giveaways for our readers.


While on our journey to solve this burger crime last year we have discovered some amazing burgers and also tried some new ranges, you can let your taste buds go wild as you will try their FIREHOUSE Burger, it’s definitely hot and is a blend of unique spicy ingredients.

kk6 kk1

Valentines Scoop:


All your favorite burger are available in heart shape, you may enjoy a wide variety of burgers with your loved one.


Yes, BB has offered us not just one, or two but 3 cash value vouchers of 200 dhs each which you can spend at their outlet. To solve this prize mystery you have to:

1- Answer: Name any 2 branch locations of Burger Bureau in Abu Dhabi

2- Go to their FB page ( and tag Mahi Blog & share this post.

3- SUBSCRIBE / LIKE / SHARE / FOLLOW on all below:

Winners will be announced on 22nd of Feb, 2015.

kk9 kk8 



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Solving Burger Crime – BURGER BUREAU

Solving Burger Crime – BURGER BUREAU

Giveaway Teaser !!
We will announce a Mystery prize tonight !
Are you ready to solve the Burger Crime only at BURGER BUREAU
Watch out our channels:

Mahi Blog

DSC_0518   DSC_0436

Burger Review : For me, the burgers are a non-fussy result of nonstop experimentation to pull off a superb level of flavor and quality.


Recently I have reviewed another Burger spot in town, BURGER BUREAU! I love the venue and the ambiance, located at the prime hub of the City in AL-WAHDA Mall extension, on the 2nd floor, you will reach there in no time if you go from the entrance adjacent to main city bus terminal.


I loved the Photo collage wall, yes it has all those happy faces enjoying their meal at Burger bureau, it will take you some time finding yours incase you have visited earlier,


but you will surely see it there and its ever expanding wall captures all that enthralling fun and great time you will have there, so carry that great smile always, you might encounter a staff coming at the end…

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Event Review – “Come & Meet Your Subconscious”

kk10 kk2

I can still feel the traces; the session has surely enlightened me, my belief and my vision. What distinguish people who attain what they want in life is the preferences they make, NLP is an approach to support you to make better choices especially in circumstances where you can’t change the structure or environment but can still change your behavior or reaction by changing the meaning of specific perspectives. As your acquaintance with NLP widens, you’ll find that you’re acting more in line with what matters to you in life, guided by your heart with fuller admittance to your mind, and your body giving you an plenty of force.


My Few Findings after session:

  • We all have the toolbox of resources but not all uses it
  • Perspectives can be changed, as there is an option to stay other than Fight and flight.
  • Behaviors can be controlled.

Rima is indeed a great motivational speaker and will identify lots of routines in totally a new and better way with just a small change of usage and selection of words we use in communication, you’ll come across ways that NLP can help you ask better questions, feel comfortable in a wider range of situations, and recognize when you’re on the wrong track. Did it reprogram my brain? May be but I believe it works different with everybody! Is it dependent on my conviction and faith cycle. As your acquaintance with NLP widens, you’ll find that you’re acting more in line with what matters to you in life, guided by your heart with fuller admittance to your mind, and your body giving you plenty of force.
kk11 kk3

I will let you explore the session yourself and won’t say much further, except what I learnt from NLP is positivity and strengthening my vision which being a multi-tasker I often loose.

kk1 kk9 kk6

Mahi Blog highly recommends Rima Zanoun session of NLP, You can find further detail on her FB Page, and courtesy to her we are also offering one reader of Mahi Blog a giveaway worth 500 aed.

“A Traditional Turkish Spa Session” at Anantara Spa at Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa”

To win simply:

1. Subscribe via email:

2. Like / Follow / Share:

Winners will be selected via a lucky draw on Thursday 12th of Feb 2015.


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City Walk – Soulful Featured Event (7/2/15) “Come & Meet Your Subconscious”

“Come & Meet Your Subconscious”

Saturday 7th February, 2015

09:30 – 13:00

Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara

We are attending a great event from a great friend & fellow blogger Rima Zanoun ! She is a Master NLP Practitioner & Life Coach – Co-founder of LA LOUPE Pop Up Boutique, Motivational Speaker, and esteemed Food Blogger.


For all of you seekers of positivity, peace and joy – for those who want a grand experience of Life full of growth and learning! – Check Out her latest Article for Rêve Du Soleil:!Three-Vitamins-for-Your-Happiness/c23e8/54cf2b9b0cf26e5660904931

If you wish to attend go to event ” Come & Meet Your Subconcious” link as spaces are going fast or msg us to forward to Rima on

Come & Meet Your Subconscious is Interactive Session will change the way you think, the way you perceive your world but mostly it will give you the answers to succeed & grow.

The session will touch on the following topics:
– Truth & Perspective
– Language & Body language
– Conscious & Subconscious
– The Power of Habits
– Parenting
– Mind types & Personality Development
– Happiness & Goals – Relationships & Rapport – The Universal Cycle Of Change – Emotional Intelligence Included: Breakfast – Generous Goody Bag – Lucky draws! This is a mixed session (women, men, couples…)


Limited to 10 people only so book early! Attendance Fee: 365 AED – PAID IN ADVANCE To Join Call: 050 1291355

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City Walk – WEEKEND Featured Event (6-7/2/15) “The Pop-Up Party Abu Dhabi”

City Walk  – WEEKEND Featured Event (6-7/2/15) “The Pop-Up Party Abu Dhabi”

We are attending !! If you wish to come along please send an update in msg on post on our wall on

The Pop-Up Party Abu Dhabi on behalf of TheFashSet, (A COMMUNITY DEDICATED TO FASHION ENTHUSIASTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST) taking place this weekend, Friday and Saturday, February 6th & 7th, 2015.

To summarize what can you expect there here is a list below:

1) 21 regional fashion designers showcasing their collections for you to shop from

2) Complimentary food for all attendees sponsored by our friends at Pink Burger Abu Dhabi as well as cookies/sweets compliments from our friends at Circus Gourmet

3) Music will be spun by our resident DJ

4) There will be a fun photobooth where you can take as many fun photos and selfies as you wish with your friends

5) Ladies receive free manicures and hairstyles thanks to our friends at The Nail Spa and Marquee Hair Salon

6) The first 100 ladies to arrive each day will receive a giftbag with goodies and vouchers from our sponsors

7) Other treats & surprises!


This event will take place this weekend, Friday & Saturday, February 6th & 7th in Abu Dhabi, at the Fotouh Al Khair Shopping Center (Marks & Spencer’s Building – Airport Road).

Friday: Feb. 6th, 2:00pm – 10:00pm / Saturday: Feb. 7th, 12:00pm – 9:00pm

This is a free and public event for all.

Mahi Blog recommends and we hope to see you there!



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