The Wonderland Show On Ice – Marina Mall

12 Oct

    1781680_850797984960106_9138437085119208320_o 20141009_185512

 10334407_848845935155311_3887064282899466371_n 20141009_19152910708658_848857061820865_8031143808778852392_o

For the first time ever, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi hosted  “The Wonderland Show on Ice” during Eid Al Adha. We  watched Alice twirl with grace on the rink! We spent our Weekend at Marina Mall – Abu Dhabi and caught magical performance of The Wonderland Show on Ice at ground level ice rink! The show was open and free for the public.

                                                                      10336704_845435805496324_3842777593205822127_n 10484945_845435648829673_6596234687297909001_o 10619940_845435895496315_2280636026698309271_o 10661621_848858308487407_6890389981193802836_o

The show was lots of fun for the entire family with magical characters and great music.

10687895_845434558829782_5198396258889483777_o 1979159_845434685496436_4236734064144849583_o 20141009_185410   20141009_19094120141009_18545720141009_19030620141009_190559 20141009_190628

Everyone enjoyed their Eid holiday! But surely visiting Marina Mall – Abu Dhabi worth it due to experiencing the fantastic show about Alice in Wonderland on ice!

20141009_190820 20141009_190928  There was a meet & greet sessions with cast as well.This dazzling ice-skating show followed


the classical story of Alice in Wonderland and her epic journey through a fantasy world, where she meets new magical friends and embarks on exhilarating adventures.

 20141009_191014   20141009_191611

Kids thoroughly love it 🙂


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2 responses to “The Wonderland Show On Ice – Marina Mall

  1. Naima khan

    November 2, 2014 at 3:18 PM

    Hope 2 b lucky



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